Satobit.xyz is a site that helps you collect coins which you can later exchange for real money or cryptocurrencies directly.
SatoBit.xyz is completely FREE without paying anything.
First go to the registration page Then fill in the required data.

After you submit the required data. We will send a confirmation email. That it is true that you signed up for the email that you registered yourself and your own. click the link contained in the email to confirm your account and email. Done.
There are many ways to generate coins here, including:

Earning Coins
You can earn coins by several methods, like completing free offers & surveys, watching short videos, visits different websites and even by inviting your friends to join.

Watch short videos
Our partners are looking to get spread their promotional videos (and not only) to the world, so you can get coins by watching those videos.
Share and spread the word
Once you're signed up to our website you'll receive a special link that you can give out to friends, post on social networks or email. If anybody clicks this and signs up, you will receive up to 10% from his coins earned on our website, for lifetime.
Visit partners websites
We provide way to advertisers to promote their websites, by paying for visits, so you can get some easy coins by visiting those website for a short amount of time, daily.
What else can I do with coins?
You can try to win more coins, by playing on Lucky Wheel or maybe on our weekly lottery, where with some luck, you can win a hugh amount of coins, which of course, means more money for you.
Visit Shortlink Walls
Visit website from this page by clicking on "Visit" button (or you can skip them if you don't want to visit them), then wait for the countdown to be credited. You have to visit one website at the time, otherwise you won't be credited.
Lucky Wheel & Lottery
Have you got some coins? You can try to win more by betting on horses, where you can win a huge amount of coins, if you're lucky enough.
After you have enough coins (minimum withdrawal is $0.0100, which means 1 coins), go to withdrawal page, chose the amount of coins you want to convert and your desired payment method and place a request. We will check the request and send the money in up to 7 working days.
Paypal Min. 150 coin (Fees per transaction 5.4% + 0.30 USD) Read More...)

Payeer Min. 150 (Fee is 5%)

Coinbase Min. 150 coin (Fee is Free)

Faucetpay LTC Min. 1 coin (Fee is Free)

Faucetpay DOGE Min. 1 coin (Fee is Free)

Faucetpay BTC Min. 2 coin (Fee is Free)

Expresscrypto LTC Min. 1 coin (Fee is Free)

Expresscrypto DOGE Min. 1 coin (Fee is Free)

Expresscrypto BTC Min. 2 coin (Fee is Free)

Litecoin LTC Min. 1 000 coin (Fee 0.00166065 LTC / 36 coin)

Dogecoin DOGE Min. 500 coin (Fee 1 Doge / 36 coin)

Bitcoin BTC Min. 5 000 coin (Fee 0.00003000 BTC / 164 coin)

Bank Min. 100 000 coin (Fee 1500 Coin)